How does GPS Tracking work?

GPS tracking works by installing a small tracking device that is either powered through a vehicle or with a long-lasting battery. The GPS device receives signals from the satellite network and triangulates its position, with incredible accuracy. That position is continually sent to our server over a commercial cellular network and we then display it using our software so that you can locate each of your assets but also analyze its movement and driving behavior. Alerts for various triggers (outside designated geographic area, unwanted driving behavior – eg. Speeding) can also be sent.

When are 2G networks in North America being shut down and will I need to change out my 2G tracking device.

Yes, 2G tracking devices will not work after the carriers shut down their networks. Each carrier has different shutdown dates. Current published dates are as follows:AT&T – December 31, 2016Verizon – December 31, 2019 (1XRTT)T-Mobile – committed until December 2020Sprint – committed until December 2021Bell/Telus – May, 2017. Once these networks are shut down you will need to replace your hardware. This would be an excellent time to upgrade to a new 4G device that will take you well into the middle of the next decade without replacement.

Does share information with any government agency?

No, not unless we receive a valid subpoena from a government agency.

Should I get a Plug and Play or a 3 wire solution?

The Plug and Play solution connects to the OBDII port and installation is as simple as plugging in the device. The 3 wire solution requires installation and is usually placed under the dash. The choice depends on several factors – type of information you want to collect, desired reliability, willingness to implement the device. Our sales team can help you select the solution that is right for you.

I have a different question, where can I get support?

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